Wednesday 13 April 2016

Latest nuTrek, TOS, and TNG home video releases

CBS and Paramount make sure to regularly reissue all the Star Trek titles on various home video formats so we can always get a-hold of them, and in this 50th anniversary year I'm sure we can expect even more reissues than normal! The latest announcements give us the nuTrek movies in new formats, and new box-sets for TOS and TNG TV series on bluray and DVD. Continue below for the details.

Paramount have now officially announced and revealed the covers for the first ever Star Trek 4K Ultra HD titles, which as was previously reported, will be the first two nuTrek movies, Star Trek, and Star Trek Into Darkness. Both will be arriving in June, in three disc packs which will contain the new 4K Ultra HD version of the films, plus a bluray movie disc, and special features bluray disc, with each.

There are no new special features, but this will be the first time Into Darkness has been released stand-alone with all the special features, which were previously only available in the two-movie Compendium set (which itself brought all those features together following the frustrating retail exclusive splitting up of features from the initial releases of the film). This release of Into Darkness is also the first time the IMAX version of the film has been released outside of the Compendium set. So for Into Darkness at least this is a compellingly complete release of the film at last! (The only thing missing is the 3D version, which you'll need to get as a separate bluray if you want it.) TrekMovie has posted a full listing of all the extra features for both films if you're curious.

Of course what both releases offer are a much higher resolution release of the films than ever before, and looking and sounding better than ever before too, with High Dynamic Range video and the latest surround sound. It is expected Star Trek Beyond will follow in this format when its home video releases arrive, and The Wrath of Khan is also being remastered for a new 4K Ultra HD release.

Meanwhile in the prime timeline, CBS have announced new complete series box-sets for both TOS and TNG. These are just repacks of the previous individual season boxsets, but they come in snazzy new packaging which will take up less space on your shelves (such complete series sets got releases in other parts of the world a couple of years ago, but these are new to the US). The TOS bluray set has especially nice new cover art.

The complete TOS DVD set was released last year, while TNG gets both bluray and DVD sets this year, in somewhat less eye-catching packaging:

All of these new TV sets are also expected to arrive in June.

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Unknown said...

I'm curious how they're offering a 4K UHD release. Aren't the file sizes going to be so huge as to not be viable on current Blu-Ray media? Are any/most current generation Blu-Ray players even capable of displaying a 4K signal? Or does this just give you access to some streamable 4K version?

I have 4K versions of both of the nuTrek movies on a hard drive I got with my Samsung 4K TV back in the fall of 2014, and while they look great, the compression is so tight to get the file size down, that I really don't feel it looks all that much better than the regular Blu-Ray releases. That's just my opinion though.

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