Monday 14 March 2016

Eaglemoss' Aeroshuttle, Federation fighter, Breen, and more

Lots of Eaglemoss updates today, including new images of The Official Starships Collection's Federation Fighter, Breen warship, Enterprise NX-01 refit, and more.

First up, the first look at Voyager's Aeroshuttle, care of the series manager Ben Robinson. This will be the first ever model of the ship which is both in every single episode of Voyager, and has also never been seen. If you're not familiar, the Aeroshuttle launches from the bottom of Voyager's saucer (it's that funny shape in the middle). However it was never seen to do so in the series, so in some ways it's a non-canon ship! We don't know the issue number for this one yet, but if there's a model on Ben's desk already, it cant be too far away.

Coming much sooner is another smaller ship, the Federation Fighter from DS9. This is issue sixty-eight in the series, and will be arriving in the UK this week (with, as ever, other territories following later at the usual pace). This will only be the second time a model of this ship has been release, and will be much larger than the previous tiny Attack Wing versionThe collection's Facebook page posted these images, and for a design I'm not especially fond of, I find myself much more interested in it after this preview:

Also flying straight out of the Dominion War, and also only having a small Attack Wing model released previously, is the Breen warship. This is following the fighter as issue sixty-nine, so will also be out shortly. These pictures also come via Facebook:

And another ship out this week is the Enterprise NX-01 refit, which is the sixth larger sized special issue. Amazingly this isn't the first release of the non-canon refit design, as you can already get it as a model kit, but it is the first pre-assembled one! Eaglemoss' online shop now lists this issue, which is where these latest pictures come from:

Also new to the Eaglemoss online shop is the Klingon D7 class battle cruiser, which was released a couple of weeks ago (in the UK) as issue sixty-seven. Of course there have been lots of models of this iconic design before, but I do think this is quite a nice rendition.

Meanwhile recently arriving in the US is issue sixty-three the SS Antares. posted these new images of the model to mark the release. This is another first time model, of a ship which was created for the remastered version of TOS, based on a TAS design.

If you're interested in the magazine covers, here are a couple of the newest releases too, the NX-refit, and D7 class:

In other news from the series, posting on Twitter, Ben has confirmed Eaglemoss will be going ahead with the book he has previously teased. This will contain some of the excellent behind-the-scenes starship design articles from magazines in the series, supplemented with some additional artwork. Ben also suggests this could be the first of a series of books, if sales show demand.

Another additional product line from the collection is the growing series of dedication plaques. The most recent release was the original USS Enterprise plaque, and posted an article looking at how they recreated it, including this incredibly detailed set of plans:

Finally a note for mainland European collectors: After the series launched in Germany and France with a slightly different release order, but it appears the order has now aligned with the original UK releases, as of issue twenty-seven. Thanks to Alberto Richter, who runs a ludicrously comprehensive listing of suggestions for ships in the series, for keeping me up to date on the German releases!

For a listing of all the ships in the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I want the Breen warship so badly! I've created a countdown for the german Breen ship magazine release... 725 days left... that's 12648 hours... 758880 minutes... 45532800 seconds... ;-)
It's my second most wanted ship, right after the Scimitar (*Fingers-still-crossed*).

Well, the Aeroshuttle cleared the way for more docked never-seen "in some ways non-canon" shuttles, right? Like the U.S.S. Equinox's Waverider or the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D's captain's yacht. I'll release both of them as suggestions soon. :-)

And there's a big wave of remaining Xindi ship suggestions on it's way...! Stay tuned. Or follow me at Twitter.

Unknown said...

I see Eaglemoss has finally updated their website but I can't seem to find a log in to view the magazines.

Did someone forget to include a door in the design?

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