Tuesday 2 February 2016

Star Trek coming to Sci-Fi Block

Sci Fi Block the quite new science fiction focused subscription box from Nerd Block is due to feature something Star Trek in its latest release, which closes for subscriptions in just a few days.

Typically these mystery packages include a four-to-six collectibles of various sorts, plus a T-shirt. For February Sci Fi Block are promising that will include two Funko products, including at least one of their Pop! vinyl figures. What the Star Trek item among that number is remains a mystery, though our favourite universe will share space in the box with representatives from Star Wars, Aliens, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Sci Fi Block only launched in November, and with the exception of that launch month, there has been something Star Trek related in the box in every release. Prior to that Star Trek things have turned up every now and then in the general Nerd Block too. Continue below for a look back at the previous Nerd Block Star Trek releases, most of them exclusives.

The second ever Sci Fi Block included an innovative exclusive, the tribble screen cleaner. From one side this just looks like a small toy tribble, but flip it over and you'll find this tribble has evolved special feeding apparatus (aka a cleaning cloth) for feeding on screen muck!

January's Sci-Fi Block also had something Trek, one of the smaller sized Skele-Treks figurines, in a blind bag, so it could have been one of several characters available from that series. The same mystery Skele-Treks figures also featured in the regular Nerd Block back in 2014.

More recently Nerd Block has had several Trek offerings, in December it included an Anovos TOS movie era captain's rank pin, selected in honour of Leonard Nimoy.

September last year saw an exclusive Springz USS Enterprise model.

And January of 2015 including a copy of the first issue of the Star Trek/Planet of the Apes crossover comic, with a Nerd Block exclusive cover. Comic Block, another themed box from Nerd Block also had a Star Trek comic last year, with July's release of the first issue of the Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover, again sporting exclusive cover art.

We'll not know what the latest item is until they've all been sent out, but if you're curious you've got until the end of the day (EST) on the 5th of February to sign up to find out!

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