Saturday 27 September 2014

Star Trek toys and models updates

Here are a few toy and model updates. First up, a rather dramatic trailer for Fascinations new Star Trek Metal Earth model kits. There are four laser-etched steel model kits coming in the next month or two (see previous report for photos):

There's also a video preview from Entertainment Earth, for the latest Wrath of Khan bobble-heads from Bif Bang Pow - Following the release of Kirk, Spock, and Khan, earlier in the year, the rest of the Enterprise crew will be coming along from November.

Continue after the jump for updates on ships, props and more from Diamond Select Toys:

There are a few updates from DST: They have now solicited the Kirk bust bank, and released a new image of it too. The eight-inch tall vinyl Kirk will be joining the Spock bust bank which was released earlier this year, but by Entertainment Earth's reckoning you'll need to wait until March to get the Captain.

DST also recently posted a Q and A dedicated to Star Trek. As ever they gave a few answers about what their next ship will be, or rather, a few answers about what it wont: They mentioned Defiant, Voyager, and the Enterprise-C are all still in the running for future ships, but also confirmed none of those three are the still-to-be-disclosed next new model.

They also answered a few questions about new props, and pretty much confirmed a TNG phaser is likely on the way. Also noted was that a new alien prop could come later in 2015, but mentioned as well further Klingon props (following the disruptor) are unlikely.

Finally the DST Facebook page posted a gallery of photos of the Enterprise-A, which is due for re-release early next year. This latest release will feature a new paint-job, as well as new light and sound effects. Here are a couple of images, you'll find more on Facebook:

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Fox said...

I really have zero faith that DST will manage to out out a Zoyager or Defiant in my lifetime.

As for what their next ship will be, I'm a bit baffled. But its not like there are a huge number of options left, right. Assuming its a Federation ship (which seems a safe bet since they've already done the most popular/iconic alien ship) its either a Miranda or Oberth.

I'd bet on the former as its fairly popular, fairly ubiquitous, and could allow them to re-use parts and molds from the Constitutions.

I do have to also mention that I'm a bit dismayed by how many people are wanting to see the Ent-C next. I mean... Really? Its not a bad idea in and of itself, but no way should a ship that was only ever in a single episode take precedence over the Voyager or Defiant. We need the heroes before the side kicks, ya' follow? And the C's less of a sidekick than a guest star.

Then again, they did do the Ent-B what, two years before the Excelsior, favoring a kitbash design that was only in one (not very good) movie over one of the most popular ship designs in the entire franchise.

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