Wednesday 26 September 2012

Star Trek ongoing, ongoing

The latest from IDW's Star Trek ongoing comic series: Issue 16 has been announced in IDW's December solicitations, the second part of the mirror universe story, they describe it thusly:
Concluding the two-part re-imagining of the classic "Mirror Universe" episode! Don't miss this radical transformation of Kirk and Co., as events unfold leading up to next summer's STAR TREK sequel! Overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!
The regular creative team of Mike Johnson writing with Stephen Molnar on art return, while Tim Bradstreet continues his series of delta covers with this: report the usual sketch and photo covers will also be available. You can also see Bradstreet's cover with out all the titles on his facebook page, here, as well as his cover for issue 14, here.

Meanwhile if you haven't picked up last week's issue 13 yet, here's a seven page preview to tempt you. It was the first one-shot in the series, focusing on "cupcake" (continues after the jump):


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