Wednesday 1 August 2012

Gold Key Comic style glasses, and other comic stuff

Mark Martinez, proprietor of the Star Trek Comics Checklist, has set up a page on his site to catalogue Star Trek comics stuff; that is stuff (clothing, apparel, etc) that has some sort of link to Star Trek comics. One of the things he has found, and has let me know about, is a new set of Star Trek glasses, which feature comic book style artwork, and the classic Gold Key version of the Star Trek logo:

The Star Trek logo is in red on the image above, although the copies Mark got hold of had it in black instead.

I've already let Mark know about some of the Star Trek comic stuff I've previously found here, such as T-shirts, and Mighty Wallets. I found a new (to me) Gold Key style T-shirt while looking myself. Unusually it uses the Gold Key Star Trek font to write USS Enterprise too. Jaunty!:

The same company that made that, Junk Food, have also used one of Marvel's The Motion Picture covers as the basis for a T-shirt:

Do you know of anything else? I'm sure both Mark and I would be eager to discover new, stuff.

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