Friday 15 June 2012

New Akira variant, and other STO stuff

The Star Trek Online team have launched a new variant of the Akira class, which looks to live up the the ambitious technical specs sometimes attributed to the Akira.

They describe the new Armitage class as follows:
The original Akira Class Heavy Escort was envisioned as a light carrier and torpedo boat. Although it could be equipped with several torpedo launchers, it never lived up to its full potential, and Starfleet never felt much of a need to engineer its starships as carriers. But a war on multiple fronts have inspired Starfleet engineers to re-envision old designs. Building upon the Akira's latest prodigy, the Thunderchild, Starfleet has released the latest in a proud line: The Heavy Escort Carrier: Armitage Class.

The Heavy Escort Carrier lives up to pedigree, and finally fulfills its predecessors original role. The Heavy Escort Carrier comes with a single hangar bay with a wing of Peregrine Fighters. Other hanger ships can also be equipped if desired. It is also a powerful torpedo boat. It is also a powerful torpedo boat that is equipped with a Photon Torpedo Point Defense System. This Console Mod fires a massive photon torpedo barrage at multiple targets in all directions. The Photon Torpedo Point Defense System can only be equipped on the Heavy Escort Carrier. It may be placed in any console slot, but you may only equip one of these mods.

New mission types have also been announced for the next season update, including random invasions of colony worlds, and non-win-scenario holodeck missions.

The latest screenshot posted on the STO website is also pretty cool. Jem'Hadar vs Borg!:

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