Friday 15 June 2012

The latest from the starship designers

Mark Rademaker has posted a new preview of his work making the ships of the Full Circle fleet, this time we get to look inside the nacelle caps of his sleek new Voyager:

Meanwhile Sean Tourangeau has sent me this next look inside his USS Titan, this is how he envisions the layour of Deck 1, including the bridge, ready room, and conference room:

Finally, if you follow the tumblr version of my blog, you'll already have seen Thomas Marrone's post from the development of Star Trek Online's Enterprise-F. Here's a set of sketches considering how to add the support craft, you can see more, here:


Anonymous said...

The Bussard collectors are pretty cool.

For being a on deep space explorer, Titan's science department is getting pretty well shafted in terms of bridge consoles.

RJM1138 said...

Sweet design and rendering. I can't help but think of ink pen parts though-am I nuts??

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