Wednesday 1 February 2012

Timetable for TNG bluray, and maybe more series later? have posted an interview with CBS's Ken Ross, who discusses the incredible amount of work that is going into the TNG remastering project:
It was and continues to be an enormous project that will take several years to complete. From a manpower perspective, we have more than 20 people working on this project full time in three shifts 24 hours a day. It’s a huge commitment to transfer all seven seasons to high definition.
CBS are aiming to release about two sets a year, starting with season one late summer or early autumn this year. Which means the whole series should be done by 2015. There will also be new extra features coming with the releases.

Beyond TNG Ross had this to say:
Our focus right now is on TNG, but we will certainly consider all of the other Star Trek series.
Yay for maybe DS9 and Voyager in HD! But I hope that doesn't mean we have to wait until after 2015 for Enterprise, which needs no converting!

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