Sunday 19 February 2012

STO prequel story

The Star Trek Online team have posted another little prequel story, to supplement the next Feature Episode. Prelude to The 2800: Of Bajor:
Dearest Neka,

I'm so glad that you are enjoying your time at the Calash Monastery. I visited there several years ago for a retreat during the Days of Atonement, and it is a place of peace and beauty.

I remember my last trip there. It would be good to walk the quiet mountain paths again, to wander the gardens and to hear the chimes calling the monks to prayer.

Is Ranjen Epen still there? If he is, tell him I miss our talks!

If you will be there through the summer, perhaps I will visit. It has been too long since I saw my little sister and we have so much to talk about!

If the Prophets are kind, by the summer things will be quieter here in Hathon.

By now, I'm sure you've heard of the attack on Deep Space Nine. What you may not know is that Starfleet has evacuated most of the station's crew and residents to Bajor.

We are once again at the heart of a war. May the Prophets preserve us all.

What you may not know, however, is that Hathon is now home to all of the Starfleet officers and station residents who were misplaced by the attack.

These people are so brave, Neka. They are determined to return to DS9, but they are wounded in both body and soul. I hope they can return to their home without further difficulty.

Accommodating our guests, however, has not been without difficulty.

Bajor is part of the Federation now, but there are still Bajorans who are uncomfortable with the transition. They see our young people leaving to join Starfleet and unfamiliar faces in our streets and shops. The farmers and shopkeepers fear that people will buy replicators and not want katterpods and moba fruit any more.

More than anything, I think some people fear our world has changed too much, too fast. The Bajor of our fathers and grandfathers is gone, and it will never return.

Adding to this disquiet is the presence of the Starfleet – and Klingon – officers in our small town. Hathon was scarred deeply by the Occupation, and there are many here who still remember. All those old fears are coming back, and I have had many conversations with people who are scared that the past will repeat itself.

These fears are baseless, of course. The Starfleet officers have been nothing but gracious, and have done all they can to make this transition as comfortable as they can. But fear is the enemy of logic, and even explaining that Starfleet is here to help is not enough for a few.

My services are full these days. Adversity always draws people to the Prophets. Their love is all-encompassing, and I have faith that they will protect Bajor now, as they have done so often in the past.

I only have a few moments before my next service, so I must leave now to prepare.

May the Prophets be with you, my sister. Be well and remember Hathon in your prayers.

With love,


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