Saturday 14 May 2011

TNG in HD? And DVD updates

Rumours are circulating once more that TNG HD might maybe be on the way; The Digital Bits seem to think we could see the first episodes by the end of the year thanks to a new streaming deal with Netflix and the cross promotion coming soon from the next movie, which could make financing the mammoth task of completely rebuilding the episodes for HD possible. Exciting times!

But if you can’t wait for TNG's eventual bluray release you might be interested in the new entire series DVD boxset which Amazon UK has listed for a June release. This set sports similar packaging to the recently released TOS DVD and bluray complete series sets:

Amazon UK also has a listing for a DS9 set in July, though are currently using the last re-release's packaging for that page. Could Voyager and Enterprise follow? (Enterprise on bluray even??)

Meanwhile have a listing up for a Ultimate Star Trek Movie Collection DVD set, which judging by title and the actors and directors listed would seem to be a complete eleven film set. No date listed yet for that.

And back on Amazon UK you can find a listing for a movie triple pack, which would make a nice accompaniment to IDW's Infestation series, with it containing Star Trek, G.I. Joe, and Transformers. That one is out in a couple of weeks.

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