Thursday 26 May 2011

Details of new non-fiction books has announced several new non-fiction Trek books, and I've come across more details and found a couple more as well:

Star Trek Vault: 40 Years from the Archives 

An across the franchise look at rarities from the Star Trek archives, due in October from Abrams Books, and written by Star Trek comic-book writer Scott Tipton. Here is how Abrams describe it:
Star Trek Vault charts the remarkable history of the world's most popular science fiction series, examining the franchise's first 40 years. Covering all six Star Trek television series and the ten original feature films, the book highlights the far-reaching social and scientific optimism that underpins the franchise, dwelling on milestones such as its groundbreaking mixed-race casts and technologies that have since become commonplace, before taking an in-depth look at the making of each series and movie. Fully illustrated with more than 350 images, and including 13 interactive reproductions of the most fascinating memorabilia from the CBS archives--on-set signage, hand-drawn storyboards, blueprints for Picard's captain's chair, and a vintage T-shirt transfer--Star Trek Vault provides a broad perspective on the voyages of Captains Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and Archer. The ultimate treasure trove of Star Trek imagery and memorabilia, Star Trek Vault is sure to appeal to both the casual and the die-hard fan.

The book will be printed by Aurum Press for the UK market, and their catalogue gives us a hint of what to expect inside:

Star Trek Book of Opposites

This one is aimed squarely at children, written by David Borgenicht for Quirk Books. The book will feature illustrations to demonstrate the principle of opposites. Here’s a short blurb from Amazon US:

WITH THE HELP OF Kirk, Spok, McCoy, and two dozen colorful pictures from across the galaxy, teach your children the meaning of big and little, hot and cold, apart and together, and much more!

And a more detailed one from Amazon UK:
Is your child leaving baby-talk behind and beginning to explore strange new words? Or are you simply a Trekkie who needs a goofy gift for a fellow-fan friend? "The Star Trek Book of Opposites" will transport you together to an exciting voyage of silly educational fun, pairing up colorful photographs of "Star Trek's" classic heroes and aliens to introduce the concept of opposites through immediate visual humor. Our first children's book hits exactly that sweet spot Quirk is so good at, blending sincere educational helpfulness with a sly grin. Just like "Star Trek" itself, it walks that fine line between earnest and campy. And it's the perfect time to take advantage of the recent resurgent interest in Classic Trek! With a hip, up-market design sensibility, "The Star Trek Book of Opposites" will make a great, kitschy gift for any Star Trek fan, with or without children.

Obsessed With Star Trek

This book by Chip Carter for Chronicle Books combines a book with a quiz game, with 2500 questions for up to two players. No other details yet, but it will presumably be similar to other books in the series such as Obsessed with Star Wars and Obsessed With Marvel.

Star Trek TNG 365
Few details on this yet, but it will be similar to last year’s Star Trek: The Original Series 365 but this time focusing on Star Trek: The Next Generation, with episode summaries, trivia and lots of pretty pictures!

Star Trek 365, en francais
And finally something I came across on Amazon UK, a French publisher (Editions de la Martinière) has just published a French version of the first Star Trek 365 book, and have given it a different cover:

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