Tuesday 26 April 2011

Star Trek attraction coming to Spain

Paramount have announced plans for a new theme park in Murcia, Spain, which will feature attractions based on several Paramount properties as part of development to rival Disneyland in Paris. The Star Trek element has been described as part of the park's "Plaza Future" area, where it will be the highlight of that area featuring: "Total immersion combining motion simulation and highly advanced technology to give visitors an experience they will never forget."

That part of the attraction will also have War of the Worlds and Paranormal Activity inspired elements, while other parts of the park will be based on Tomb Raider, Titanic and Mission Impossible.

Construction is set to begin later this year or early next year with a projected opening in 2015. You can follow progress on the development at the Murcia Daily News blog.


togoh said...

this sounds great, i wonder how this plaza will look like..

8of5 said...

I'm more curious if something for whatever Star Trek elements there are might be filmed in the movie sets and with the cast when the sequel is shot later this year.

togoh said...

Do you think that some scenes might be shot there, do you?

8of5 said...

Well, if whatever Star Trek part of the attraction requires anything to be filmed, it would certainly enhance the whole thing if they did it with the cast and sets from the films rather than some people no one knows on a much cheaper smaller set!

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