Friday 25 February 2011

Online updates

The latest from Star Trek Online

Blurbs are now up for most episodes of the latest feature episode series, Cloaked Intensions. New ones:

#2: Mine Enemy
The crew investigate claims of illegal weapon use on Hfihar only to uncover evidence of greater atrocities.

#3: Frozen
A tricky political situation must be resolved with quick thinking and a deal that could backfire.

#4: Coliseum
Trapped on an alien world, the captain is forced to fight in order to survive.

You can also see a trailer for the series, on

Elsewhere in the world of Online, Cryptic have released several "spotlight missions", made by players of the game in the new Foundry mission creator:

The Longing
A Federation colony is caught in the crossfire when, in their quest for perfection, the Borg come after a rather unique lifeform on the planet.

Crouching Ty’Gokor Hidden Demon
The High Council has ordered you to investigate Ty'Gokor, one of the most heavily fortified installations in the Klingon Empire. Strange energy readings have been reported and must be investigated at once.

The Syndicate Extraction
An operative with information about the Orion Syndicate needs to be extracted from a deep cover operation. Starfleet would like you to perform this task.

Unholy Alliances, Part I
A contact on Drozana Station has some disturbing information. A cadre of mercenaries, smugglers and pirates are selling crewmen as slave labor from several vessels they raided on the frontlines of the Klingon/Federation War.

And finally, more in the Cryptic store: new ships; Delta Flyer, and the always beautiful Vulcan D'kyr class:
New open neck uniforms:
And new melee weapons; the Seleya ceremonial lirpa and Kri'stak blade, a type of bat'leth:

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