Tuesday 15 February 2011

Mega update #8: Art

The ever productive Mark Rademaker has been blogging away at regular intervals in the last few months. My personal highlight was this detail view of his ringship Enterprise, pretty!:

You can see that, here, as well as a sketch for how the Ships of the Line image might of looked with the original deflector shield concept. You can also see updates from the Project Full Circle Ships, here, and here. And nice higher resolution pics of the Aventine too!

Meanwhile Doug Drexler has released what is (presumably) a preview image for next year's Ships of the Line: Landing Party, by Max Rem:

And on startrek.com a Drex Files video post sees some more Ships of the Line images animated, and as a bonus, Vanguard in motion too! Check it out, here.

Finally if you want some Trek-art for your home, no fewer than two companies are offering new ranges of print on demand wall stickers, available in sizes up to huge!

LTL Prints, who previously offered a range of QUOGs prints have now expanded out, with new sticker designs from across the Trekverse, with at least a few images from every series except Enterprise (and including TAS). The highlight I think has to be the range of movie poster prints, like these:


Check out the full range, here.

And company number two is a new player, Walls 360, who have launched their Star Trek offering with a variety of TOS specific graphics (and a greater proportion of neat graphical representations rather than the mostly screencap style images LTL are offering). The highlight of Walls 360 range has to be those derived from the Haynes manual, with both individual diagrams available as giant prints, and fantasy covers for individual items of technology!:


Check out this range, here. At some point soon I should have a couple of these to review and maybe even one or two to give away in a competition too!

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