Wednesday 4 March 2009

Trek tat

If you like miscellaneous Star Trek stuff TrekMovie have been reporting on the many Trek branded things coming soon, in brief:

TrekMovie have high res images of the Funko Wacky-wobblers and QUOGS urban vinyl figures, including packaging shots. TrekMovie also report Funko will be releasing smaller scale wobbly headed figures called Nodniks, in two packs, starting with Kirk and a Gorn and Spock and a Klingon.

Elsewhere in the toys and games world TrekMovie have new imagery of Mattel's Scene It? and 20Q Star Trek games.

In general nick-knackery a company called Vandor is releasing all manner of metal Star Trek things, including tin boxes, lunchboxes, signs, magnets, business card holders and a tin box with a set of playing cards inside!
If you feel your life still isn’t sufficiently infused with star Trek you could also decorate your house with massive Star Trek stickers from RoomMates, who will be producing huge wall morals of the Enterprise bridge and sets of smaller sticks for general decoration.
And finally you can even make yourself smell Star Trek with TrekMovie's reveal of the packing of the forthcoming Star Trek perfumes, you could smell of Tiberius, Red Shirt or Ponn Farr!

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