Friday 20 March 2009

Edible Star Trek

Almost forgot to note these, but... TrekMovie have reported on Star Trek based food stuffs coming out of the Trek bandwagon.

By far the most exciting (in my opinion as a chocoholic) is a chocolate starship Defiant. Though this in unfortunately only to be found in Canada, as produced by Les Chocolats Vadeboncoeur:

There are also to be Star Trek cakes! A US company called Deco Pac are doing a little model Enterprise to go on big cakes, little cakes with little pictures of the Enterprise and "Star Trek" and a big edible picture of the Enterprise to put on your cakes.

Finally Kellogg’s have started to role out there promo stuff for the new film, with a thing to get a Star Trek plate. However if I'm honest I'm far more interested in the odd american mini-waffle-toast-grid-things the promotion is attached to, fascinating *cocks and eyebrow* You can get tokens from a whole range of "Eggo" waffles, egg-citing!

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