Sunday 11 January 2009

The Typhon Pact

Further to its earlier report, TrekMovie has now reported some new details on the Typhon Pact meta-story coming in 2010. Margaret Clark has now revealed the story will be told in a miniseries, called "The Typhon Pact" (which will be larger than a trilogy but otherwise unspecified), which like Destiny will feature multiple captains and crews and settings throughout. Clark also noted that at present there are no plans for a stand-alone Aventine novel, but Captain Dax and the Aventine will be a part of the ongoing 24th century meta-story.

The article also updated the contents of the next Myriad Universes book, Shattered Light, which now looks like this:
-An Arne Darvin story, staring with an alternate Troubles with Tribbles, by Scott Pearson
-A Sulu story, featuring Sulu and his daughter in the movie era, by Steven Mollmann and Michael Schuster
-And a TNG story by David R. George III

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