Monday 21 April 2008

More Romulans amongst new projects coming from John Byrne

On his own forums John Byrne has announced he is working on a number of new Star Trek projects for IDW. He has four new TOS era projects in the works, three of which have already been approved by CBS.

The first will be a sequel to his Alien Spotlight on the Romulans (which itself was a prequel to Balance of Terror and The Enterprise Incident). This project will begin with a two-parter, with more to follow. When another poster asked about Byrne doing an adoption of Balance of Terror Byrne responded by whistling (so perhaps a Romulans eye-view of the episode or some such variation me thinks)

One of the other projects is apparently a TOS prequel, set earlier than Captain April's captaincy.

See these posts: for Romulans II, and continuing Trek projects. Thanks to GustavoLeo on IDW's message boards for pointing out the Romulan story.

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