Monday 21 April 2008

KRAD puts Klingons in the Spotlight

More news! Keith R.A. DeCandido, that busy fellow of many talents, has announced which alien he will be putting in the spotlight in his issue for the second series of IDW's Alien Spotlight *drum role* (because the title didn’t give it away): The Klingons, in a story titled "Four Thousand Throats..."

Update: KRAD has stated the story will not be an IKS Gorkon one. Further he has also reported on an interview with Andrew Steven Harris in the latest Star Trek Magazine (not available to me in the UK for a few weeks yet). Other species in the series will be the Tholians, Ferengi and Betazoids, with "a couple that will be surprises along the way". The writers (in no particular order) will be Scott and David Tipton, James Patrick, Andrew Steven Harris and Mike W. Barr.

See Mr DeCandido's announcement, here, and TrekBBS post on the series, here.

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