Monday 28 January 2008

Year Four, and Five

It's time to play "Quote Mr Andrew Steven Harris" again, this time IDW Mr Star Trek 2008 has been talking about IDW's intended plans for the Year Four miniseries':

Although we've made no definitive plans about this, it seems likely that Year Four will be composed of several different miniseries--probably four total, with issues numbering six/five/six/five. That would make 22 issues total, just like 22 episodes of what would have been Year Four of the TV series.

When we've reached 22 issues total of Year Four, we will almost certainly want to transition into Year Five, and may very well likely follow the same miniseries format as Year Four. So, barring unforeseen circumstances, TOS will have a mainstream "anchor" title for quite some time, though there will likely be short breaks between the different miniseries so that the writers & artists can regroup.

Wouldn't it be nice if that pattern then continued through The Lost Years period, The Motion Picture and beyond...

See the original post, here at the TrekBBS.

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