Saturday 20 October 2007

IDW January

Care of Comics Continuum: IDWs comics coming in January next year, which are; Alien Spotlight #5: The Borg and the first issue of the next Tipton/Messina miniseries TNG: Intelligence Gathering. Also included are a couple of new cover releases (or re-release in the full colour version)

Alien Spotlight: The Borg

In the vast Star Trek universe, many diverse alien races abound, and now they finally get their due! Continuing a series of one-shots, each by a different creative team and featuring a different Star Trek alien race. Now, the spotlight shines on the Borg. The Enterprise must face its most deadly confrontation with the Borg -- drones from the future, when the Collective believes it has achieved perfection! Sean Murphy handles art and cover chores, while his Outer Orbit cohort Zach Howard provides a second cover for the issue.

Intelligence Gathering #1

From the creative team who brought you Klingons: Blood Will Tell! This issue begins an all-new five-part adventure for the Enterprise-D crew! The Enterprise is summoned to a Federation science station, designed to be the ultimate in data storage and information archiving. Data and Riker enter the outpost's gargantuan artificial intelligence system, which may have gained sentience and has begun behaving erratically, with orders to either repair or destroy it. On the Enterprise, meanwhile, Picard and the crew begin to realize that there may be more here than meets the eye...

The Borg story, apparently revised since the change in authorship from the originally announced Steve Niles to IDW's new Trek editor Andrew Steven Harris, sounds pretty interesting to me, should be interesting to compare these future Borg to One from Voyager's "Drone". Intelligence Gathering sounds like it could be interesting too, the fact it's from the Tiptons/Messina team makes my expectations of it much higher. Should be a good month.

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