Monday 29 October 2007

DST update

Not done a toys update in a while, and lots of new things have been announced recently, so here's what's coming in the next few months from DST:

In the action figures line, the First Contact Data (with exposed circuitry) is finally being released, in November, exclusive to previews. All we need now is a new Borg Queen figure to hang out with Data and FC Picard...

The Wrath of Kahn line continues to expand, with a new two pack, with yet another Kirk figure! Accompanied by radiation poisoned dieing Spock. That's out early next year:

The minimates line also keeps going with a third wave of TOS figures, this set will include the following two packs:
-"Space Seed" Khan and dress uniform Kirk
-"Gladiator" Kirk and Kor the Klingon
-Ambassador Sarek and dress uniform Spock
-and limited edition "Spock’s Brain" SpockThe forth wave will reportedly consist of TNG characters.

In sculptures, the Star Trek: Icons collection comes to a conclusion with the Captain Archer bust:
And finally, after a year or two of re-issues of TOS phasers a brand new bit of Trek tech! A TOS communicator:

Which will include the following voice sound effects:
"Bridge here, Captain" -Uhura
"Scotty here, Captain" - Scotty
"Enterprise to Mr. Spock" - Kirk
"Transporter room, ready to beam up" - Kirk
"Spock here, Captain" - Spock
"Enterprise, this is Kirk" - Kirk
"Captain, shall I beam down an armed party?" – Spock

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