Saturday 15 September 2007

IDW December solicitations

IDW have announced their solicitations for December, including new covers for the Year Four issue:

Year Four Issue 6:
As Kirk and the crew investigate the disappearance of the USS Pasteur, a trail of debris leads the USS Enterprise to an automated facility on a lifeless, desert planet in the Gobi system. A landing party finds robotic nannies caring for a computer-controlled nursery of alien babies—which Dr. McCoy's analysis proves to be the final survivors of the planet's dead civilization. But when an ensign disappears, and clues of the Pasteur's fate uncover the facility's startling secret, the computer reveals it maternal instincts—using its awesome power to defend its children—endangering the Enterprise, and forcing Kirk and the landing party to fight for their lives.

Alien Spotlight: Orions:
“The female of the species is deadlier than the male"—a statement that was never more true than in the case of the Orion Animal Women, infamous from the very first episode of STAR TREK, "The Cage"! It's a fact Fleet Captain Christopher Pike will soon discover, as he's caught up in a web of intergalactic criminal intrigue. Can Pike trust the beautiful Orion slave girl—and can he trust himself around her?

The final Year Four doesn't sound hugely exciting to me, but Orions and Chris Pike, written by the Tiptons, that's something to look forward too!

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