Monday 16 July 2007

Captain's Log DVD details

The details of this month’s new Fan Collective DVD set have been announced by The collection focusing on episodes which focus on the series captains will contain the following episodes:

-City on the Edge of Forever
-The Enterprise Incident
-Balance of Terror
-In Theory
-Chain of Command
-Far Beyond the Stars
-What You Leave Behind
-In the Pale Moonlight
-The Omega Directive
-These Are the Voyages
-First Flight

The first episode from each series is the favourite of the actors who played the captains and the other two are those voted for on, introductions by the actors are included for their pick and for many of the fan selected episodes. Each disc also includes a selection of other extra features and the set as a whole is introduced by William Shatner and closed by Scott Bakula.

A pretty good offering I think, I'd appreciate some commentaries as well but this is pretty generous extra features wise for one of these sets. Read the full press release here.

1 comment:

vladar86 said...

well I think every Fan Collective DVD is only purpose to take more money form fans. I have all episodes of star trek so only reason for buying this wold be extra features whom probably I never going to watch.

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