Saturday 14 July 2007

2008 books

Jeff Ayers has updated his Voyages of Imagination website with news of next years output from Pocket Books, new information and highlights include:

-Shards and Shadows, an anthology of Mirror Universe short stories.
-Terok Nor, the previously announced DS9 prequel miniseries, now has titles.
-These Haunted Seas, a second DS9 relaunch omnibus, this one containing the first two Mission Gamma books.
-Myriad Universe, six novels in two books telling tales from alternate Trek universes (not the mirror universe).
-Fearful Symmetry, the next DS9 relaunch title, delayed a year and has a new author.
-Greater Then the Sum, the next book in the post-Nemesis TNG series.
-Destiny, a three part crossover by David Mack, including elements of TNG, Titan, DS9 and the rest of Trek history.

Check out Voyages of Imagination for full details, including a couple of new blurbs and a tentative schedule.

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