Tuesday 19 June 2007

IDW September

IDW have posted their September solicitations, including the first issue of Aliens Spotlight which was previously reported to be starting in November, which means IDW will be continuing with two Trek titles a month! This first issue is the Gorn one and sounds frightfully good:

In the vast Star Trek universe, many diverse alien races abound, and now they finally get their due! Presenting a series of one-shots, each by a different creative team and featuring a different Star Trek alien race. In the debut issue, the spotlight shines on the Gorn, courtesy of the Klingons: Blood Will Tell team of Scott & David Tipton and artist David Messina. After their shuttlecraft crash-lands on an uncharted planet, Captain Terrell and Commander Chekov calculate that their odds of survival are somewhat decreased when they find themselves facing off against an army of Gorn warriors. Zach Howard (Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Space Between) provides covers for the entire series, and this issue's artist, David Messina, contributes a variant cover, too.

The Tipton's and Messina are doing an amazing job on Blood Will Tell, I'm very excited about this issue. The other comic out in september is issue three of Star Trek: Year Four:

Captain James T. Kirk becomes suspicious of his crew after returning from the devastated colony on Phi-11. Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy try to reassure him that nothing's wrong—unless Kirk's two most trusted friends are in on the plot, too. What has infected the crew, and how—and who's left to help Kirk regain control of the ship? The Original Crew's return to comic book greatness continues here with this standalone tale written by David Tischman (Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Space Between) and illustrated by Steve Conley, with an additional cover by Joe Corroney.

And finally the official announcement of the The Space Between omnibus edition:

In the first collection of this special miniseries, travel to Tigan-7, Kandom 9, uncharted space, and more—each leading the dedicated crew of the Starship U.S.S. Enterprise into unexpected adventures. If you enjoyed watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on television, get ready for the comics adventure you've been waiting for.

I've complained about plot holes in The Space Between, but never the less it's a good series, should be worth getting the omnibus if you haven’t bothered with the individual issues. Interesting how the blurb cites Kandom 9, as did the blurb for the second comic which actually featured the planet Rajatha Prime. It also appears the omnibus will be using cover art from issue five of the miniseries.

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