Monday 17 May 2021

EXO-6 preview Captain Picard action figure, and promise more First Contact and captains releases

High-end Star Trek action figure makers EXO-6 have opened pre-orders for their second release, the First Contact version of Captain Picard, and also teased several other forthcoming projects, including more from First Contact and an extensive captains series. Continue below for all the latest updates:

So first we have previews and details of the Captain Picard figure. Like their previous Data figure this is a 1:6 scale figure (30cm tall), featuring an unnervingly realistic head sculpt, a highly detailed miniature sewn uniform, and an assortment of accessories. The figure features 30 points of articulation, so can be posed in all sorts of life-like positions.

Here's the full set of bits you get with the captain, including the vest version of his uniform, phaser pistol and rifle, and a tricorder (with holsters that magnetically attach), plus various hands. He will also come with a hexagonal display base (not pictured) styled on a transporter pad.

EXO-6 have released a variety of action-posed photos, showing the figure in action and in various very Picardy poses.

Picard is currently up for pre-order direct from EXO-6, or via Entertainment Earth(ad). The latter estimate an October release.

EXO-6 have more in the works from First Contact too. Joining Picard and Data they have promised a Borg Queen figure, which should be pretty amazing with their quality and attention to detail! They expect the series to be complete by the end of this year. They previewed their digital head sculpts in this image:

And even remade the First Contact poster with their renderings:

That's not all, there's also going to be a captain's chair for Picard, expected third quarter this year, so hopefully promptly alongside the figure.

Entertainment Earth(ad) have also released some additional images of the Data figure, which is now expected to ship next month. EXO-6 have closed their own pre-orders for this now, but it's still on offer via Entertainment Earth.

Finally, EXO-6 have also announced a big range of figures, with this teaser image promising at least ten more characters already in progress. The Decorated Captains series will bring us each of the captains from TOS through to Enterprise, and EXO-6 promise; "No captain will stand alone, either – each captain will have companion crew members from each show following their own release schedule.", so that's at least one other character from each series too!

This image promises TOS TV-era Kirk in his wrap uniform, TNG TV-era Picard in his distinctive uniform jacket, Voyager's Janeway, later-season grey-uniform Sisko, and Enterprise's Archer - You can see previews of their Kirk and Sisko sculpts in one of my previous reports.

Together with the companion characters, and the First Contact range, EXO-6 are already promising thirteen different figures, and a captain's chair, an impressive start to their range! 

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