Saturday 14 November 2020

Volante beam down new Voyager and DS9 uniform inspired jackets

Volante Design, makers of coats in the style of Starfleet uniforms, have added two new designs to their range, inspired by the uniforms seen in Voyager and DS9. Continue below to check them out.

Their take on the Voyager uniform is Starfleet 2369, it is offered in womens or mens cuts, and of course the choice off department colours; command red, operations yellow, or science blue. It's made from 100% cotton, with water-resistant stretch cotton sateen accents, and features two external pockets, one internal, plus a special badge backing pocket to hold the magnetic back of any combadge you might choose to wear with it.

A monotone variant is also available, with addition detailing on the shoulder section, Starfleet 2373 is inspired by the later season DS9, and TNG movie era uniforms, this too is available in mens or womens cuts.

All these are currently up for pre-order via Volante's website - Although not with too much of a wait, as shipping is due to start this week!

Volante have previously offered several other jackets and coats inspired by other Star Trek uniforms; check back through my Volante Design tag to check out their earlier releases.

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