Tuesday 3 December 2019

Star Trek costumes, props, miniatures, and concept art heading to auction

There are two big TV and movie auctions coming up in the next couple of weeks (from Profiles in History and Julien's Auctions), and both feature numerous Star Trek lots, offering many costumes, props, miniatures, and pieces of production art from several Star Trek movies, and all of the classic live action TV series. Continue below to check out some of the highlights.

If you're a fan of The Motion Picture you might be able to get hold of something interesting, as several of the lots from Profiles in History are from the film. My favourites are a couple of pieces of Robert Fletcher costume concept art, mainly because Spock's "meditation garments" are so gloriously unusual!

The other piece on offer is of the regular uniform, which looks rather smart as drawn:

Several costumes from the production are also available, including Spock's uniform or Decker's jumpsuit, Decker's uniform tunic, and a wrap version of the tunic.

Also available from the film, delightfully, is one of the security guard helmets, and a tricorder!

From The Wrath of Khan, Julien's have an Admiral Kirk uniform jacket, which comes with its belt and many of the assorted embellishments of this uniform, although sadly not the Starfleet insignia badge it appears.

A tragic companion to that could be David Marcus's jacket from The Search For Spock, specifically that used in his death scene, and so is blood soaked!

Also available from The Search For Spock are a Klingon disruptor and communicator.

There are also several pieces of concept art from Nilo Rodis, of Vulcan, and the Enterprise breaking out of spacedock.

Funnily enough artwork of the Enterprise entering spacedock is also currently available, on PropStore.

Skipping ahead a few films, from The Undiscovered Country, one lot includes several pieces of production art; highlights among the twenty-five documents include plans for the Khitomer Conference and Rura Penthe sets:

You can also get an assault phaser, either the hero (pictured) or less glamorous stunt version are available.

And from another timeline, you can also get a phaser from Into Darkness.

From the original timeline and The Original Series there are several pieces available, one of the most unusual being one of the sleeping suits worn by the crew of the SS Botany Bay in Space Seed:

Another set of lots would build a nice collection if you got them all, with mirror universe uniform tunis available from Captain Kirk, Spock, and Sulu, and the whole uniform for Uhura:

There's also a classic Klingon disruptor on offer:

Several TNG props are available too, including a phaser pistol and rifle from the TV era, and a Nemesis rifle as well. Julien's have really extensive sets of images of both rifles, which I'm sure could be useful reference for anyone wanting to make their own!

One of the most unusual items is from TNG, a prosthetic of Data's internal circuitry on the side of his head. It comes complete with partial hair covering, which would have been blended in for it's use on-screen in Deja Q, and is mounted on a head, with a switch to turn on the still working LEDs.

The lots include many TNG costumes. Among my favourites, surprisingly, is The Traveler's outfit, as it has a really interesting texture!

A couple of other interesting guest costumes are Spock's outfit from Unification and two different Sarek outfits, from Sarek and Unification:

You can hold of two different versions of Worf's baldric, either the season one frilly edge version, which has alas lost much of its original goldeness, or the more familiar chainmail-looking one used later:

And if you really want to expand your Klingon wardrobe you can gets robes worn by Worf in Rightful Heir, and Picard in Sins of the Father.

Here are a couple of the Deanna Troi costumes on offer, the season one jumpsuit, and the regular Starfleet uniform used later. The latter is available both from original TNG use, or the one used in Enterprise's finale These Are the Voyages... (that one pictured here):

And there are a bunch of other costumes from These Are the Voyages..., you can go crazy with Will Riker's holodeck wardrobe. Here's his Enterprise uniform:

His MACO uniform:

And his chef costume, which delightfully comes with colour coordinated kitchen equipment!

There's a great selection of costumes from Voyager available too. Surprisingly I think the most eye-catching is this Kazon ensemble!

Rather less flashy is the Vidiian costume, which comes complete with a Vidiian organ harvester prop.

Neelix of course never disappoints if you like a colourful wardrobe, and in a separate lot you can get his unique phaser too.

Not to be outshone, The Doctor's splendid robe, as seen in Virtuoso is also available.

You can get original costumes for almost every main Voyager character (apart from Kes). Regular uniforms for Captain Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, Torres, The Doctor, Paris, and Kim are all available, plus Seven of Nine's purple jumpsuit:

You can also get possible my favourite phaser rifle, the unusual two-pronged one seen often in Voyager:

From DS9 you can get yourself a Jem'Hadar phaser, which comes with a holster too:

And last but definitely not least, you can get a couple of starship miniatures! Available are the Tosk ship from DS9, which is of course a redress of the TNG era Vulcan ship from Unification.

And also available, one of the most notorious kitbashes, the USS Yeager:

These are but a sample of what is on offer, there are many more lots, with costumes particularly numerous on offer, check out listings from Profiles in History, Julien's Auctions, and PropStore to see what you can find!

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