Thursday 8 June 2017

My god DST, what have you done...

Diamond Select Toys have destroyed the USS Enterprise!

Among their San Diego Comic Con exclusives this year, DST are to offer a new variant of their refit USS Enterprise, a near-glowing orange battle damaged "Final Flight" edition of the ship, playing out it's final moments in The Search For Spock.

Made in translucent plastic the ship doesn't feature the usual electronics (which would be visible in this medium) so it doesn't have any lights or sounds. This will be a limited edition of 400. Continue below for more images.

Incredibly this is the third battle damaged release of DST's refit USS Enterprise, but each edition has been quite distinct, allowing you chart the ship's demise one wound at a time. 2007 brought us the Wrath of Khan battle damaged variant, featuring the scars from the battle with Khan. But way back in 2003 (and now very hard to find) we got the next stage, which while also marketed as a Wrath of Khan release actually featured the dissolving saucer section from part way into the self destruct sequence from The Search For Spock. So this latest release is the next step along in that sequence. Of course you can also get a non-battle damaged version too!

For a look at all the previous DST Starship Legends releases, including all the variants, see my Trek Collective List.

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