Friday 5 May 2017

Mirror, Mirror coin from Perth Mint

Perth Mint have expanded their Star Trek coin collection once more, this time with an episode specific coin based on Mirror, Mirror. As is so often the case with products based on this episode, the contrast of bearded mirror-Spock and clean-shaved-prime-Spock is the subject of the artwork of the coin, with a yellow-printed background dividing their mirror image.

As ever this coin as a face value of one Tuvalu dollar, but is actually made from one ounce of silver, so is rather more valuable. Queen Elizabeth II can be found on the other side of the coin.

A limited edition of three-thousand, the coin comes in the light-up case used in previous releases.

To check out the previous designs in the collection, you can find a list of Perth Mint coins, on Trek Collective Lists.

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