Saturday 24 December 2016

Latest Fansets Star Trek pins

Makers of collectable pins, Fansets, have had a busy few months, expanding their main series of character and ship based designs, and also marking the 50th anniversary with a variety of commemorative pins. Continue below to check out all their latest designs.

One of their more recent releases was a convention exclusive for the 50 Year Mission Tour in San Francisco, featuring the city itself as part of a tribute to The Voyage Home.

Another convention exclusive was offered at Mission: New York back in September, featuring the Guardian of Forever, with it's portal giving a view of New York.

Also launched at Mission: New York was the 50th anniversary pin.

And for the first time the augmented reality USS Enterprise pin was on offer too. Here's a video Fansets posted on Facebook showing it in action:

September also saw the start of the six part 50th anniversary set of pins which creates a big pentagon panel, featuring all five series captains. This was released as a subscription model, with the final three parts released in the months following. The set is now complete, and here it is:

Meanwhile the bulk of Fansets releases are split between their character MicroCrew collection, and MicroFleet ships. The most recently announced MicroCrew are Shran, Dukat, and Kira, as posted on Instagram:

They also shared artwork for a Salt Vampire pin.

Plenty of other characters are already available (via the Fansets website), here are all the latest characters released since I lat posted about Fansets:

Several new MicroFleet ships have also been announced recently. On the way are a Romulan warbird, Ferengi marauder, the HMS Bounty, USS Enterprise-B, and the Phoenix.

And here are the latest ships that have been released:

Images above come variously from the Fansets Facebook page and Instagram, plus their website, where you can buy most of their wares (aside from those convention exclusives).

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