Friday 25 November 2016

Round 2 Models latest Star Trek model kits

Round 2 Models, makers of Star Trek model kits under the AMT and Polar Lights brands, has had a busy year of releases, and already has several kits lined up for 2017. Continue below to check out their latest and forthcoming kits.

Expected in the spring of 2017, all the Enterprises from the 1:2500 scale Cadet Series range have been combined into a single new model kit collection, which will also add a brand new Enterprise NX-01 to the series. The snap-kits are all molded in suitably coloured plastics, and come with pressure sensitive decal sheets, plus display stands.

Also expected early in 2017 is an atypical non-starship release, the F-104 Starfighter, a 1960s jet, as featured in Tomorrow is Yesterday. The 1:48 scale kit does come paired with a model of the USS Enterprise, a smaller 1:2500 kit (presumably the cadet series version re-used), which together can be used to create a forced perspective display. Starship Modeller believe the F-104 is a reissue of an old MPC kit, updated with new episode-specific decals.

Also due some time in 2017 is reissue of Polar Lights' stand-out kit, the huge 1:350 scale refit USS Enterprise. The new release features colourful new box-art.

Meanwhile already out, this month, is a reissue of the other Polar Lights giant, the original USS Enterprise. This two comes in a new look-box, but the contents is a bit new too, with the saucer elements of the models updated to remove the previously molded-in grid-lines, in favour of adding them as a surface decoration - A more accurate recreation of the original filming miniature. Also updated for accuracy is the colour of the plastic, which now more closely matches the tone of the original miniature too. Everything else carries over from the previous release, including the little interior models of the bridge and shuttlebay, and a shuttlecraft too!

For anyone who has the previous release of this model, Round 2 have also made the saucer sections available separately, so you can substitute the new smoother version (photo via Starship Modeler). A template is included to add the grid-lines, plus a decal of the "rust ring".

Also being reissued alongside the main model are several of the extra detail kits. Available is: A lighting kit, complete with motorised lights for inside the nacelle caps. A pack with extra parts to reconfigure the Enterprise to its appearance in either of the pilot episode. And a set of decals to add weathering.

Another updated re-issue is coming in December, the 1:1400 scale AMT USS Enterprise-D, offered now in clear plastic, ready to be lit with easy once built and painted. (Unpainted image via Science Fiction Model Kit Directory.)

Released separately is a comprehensive set of decals to cover almost every part of the ship.

The AMT 1:1000 USS Excelsior also returned, in August, and had a major overhaul due to problems with many of the old molds requiring new ones to be created. This has given Round 2 the opportunity to offer the new kit with parts to build the Excelsior with details for ether the NX or NCC version of the ship. They posted a detailed blog abut the work they've done updating the kit, if you'd like to see exactly what's new, and another blog has lots of photos of the model.

The kit comes with decals for the basic markings, but additional decal sheets are also offered separately to add copious aztecing.

Back in February the AMT 1:350 scale Klingon Bird of Prey kit got a reissue too. This kit can be configured for display in either flight, attack, or landing modes, and comes with a stand if you don't want to land it.

Reissued about the same time is the AMT 1:650 scale USS Enterprise, offered now with one of Round 2's dome bases, in place of the previous base design that came with this model. The reissue also features a fun slip-case 50th anniversary packaging, that works over the regular packaging design.

Looking back even further. This time last year Polar Lights re-issued their 1:1000 scale USS Enterprise and Klingon battle cruiser kits in new pre-painted versions, for super easy model making!

And finally, some kits I've mentioned a couple of times before, but only now found good pictures of: The Ships of the Line editions of several of the Cadet Series ships. These were released individually in 2015, and are also pre-painted. Each ship comes with a Ships of the Line trading card too!

One other bit of news: If you're wondering where the once promised new Shuttlecraft Galileo kit has got to; unfortunately it's on the back-burner for now. After looking closely at detailed plans doing the shuttle just wasn't the best fit for what the company can do at the moment. They laid out their reasoning in detail in another blog post.

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