Saturday 7 November 2015

USS Enterprise cutting board!

From the great minds that brought us the USS Enterprise pizza cutter, the USS Enterprise spatula, the USS Enterprise cookie jar, and the USS Enterprise sushi set, behold, the latest random thing to be shaped like the USS Enterprise! The USS Enterprise cutting board set!

The bamboo Enterprise-shaped cutting board features a laser etched diagram of the ship on one side, with the cheese knife and cheese fork included cunningly concealed as the nacelles (held in place magnetically no less!). The detailed Enterprise design is set on a larger board, including slots to hold your crackers, and the whole thing can be flipped over if you'd prefer to use the larger base board as a chopping board on the other side.

More pictures after the jump. It is available to order now from the Shop, expected to arrive in December.

And finally, here it is in action!


Fox said...

I love how the Star Trek Store is always making impractical, uninspiring mechandise like this, instead of stuff I'd actually want to buy.

And that's sarcasm, by the way.

Thank god for Art Asylum and Eaglemoss.

Anonymous said...

You didn't use sarcasm correctly

Fox said...

Uh... I did, though. So I can only assume you don't know what sarcasm is?

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