Wednesday 15 July 2015

Anovos' Star Trek phaser replicas

Anovos, makers of high end costume replicas have revealed plans for a new range of Star Trek prop replicas, starting with no less than five different phasers! A few of these were on display for the first time at the San Diego Comic Con over the weekend. Continue below to check them out.

There were three different type 3 phaser rifles on show, two designs from First Contact, and the TNG/DS9 TV era rifle, specifically modelled on the prop as seen in The Siege of AR-55. These will include, in various combinations depending on the model, LED displays and other light features, such as the phaser emitter, functioning access panels with internal details, and retractable straps.

The Nemesis version of the type 2 phaser was also displayed:

A promotional booklet laid out the extent of their plans. In addition to the props on show, they are also working on a First Contact type 2 phaser, and First Contact tricorder (in both science and medical variants).

Images come via DJC and Alteran195 on the TrekToy forums and Navmidn on The PRF forums. You'll find a few more images of all the props that were displayed in posts on both of those forums. As yet there are no details on pricing and release dates.


Chris said...

I wouldn't mind the DS9 and Picard FC phaser rifles. They all look nice, but I feel like as a collector, I would need an aircraft hangar to house all the things I would like to buy.

AJC70 said...

Anovos is really killing it with their uniform reproductions, and now phaser rifles, phasers..
I really need to win a lottery, and buy a warehouse for all of just the Anovos items, and starship models I'd buy!

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