Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Q Gambit, part 6 preview

Out this week is the final issue of The Q Gambit, the end of the six-part DS9 crossover story in the nuTrek ongoing comic series. Will Q prove to Kirk there is such a thing as a no win scenario? Will Dukat do ill in allying with the Pah-Wraiths? Continue below for a look at the first five pages from the final chapter in the story:

You can continue reading this story by picking up a copy at your local comic book shop, or from online retails like these:, Things From Another World, Forbidden Planet, iTunes. Or, if you can bare to wait until March, you can pick up the omnibus of the entire The Q Gambit story.

I'm sure it will come as no surprise though, that the USS Enterprise crew do survive to boldly go another day, and will return in Behemoth, part 1, the first half of a two-part story in the new 5 Year Mission series of stories. Which in theory should also be out this month, as the above issue is officially the delayed December issue in the ongoing series.

To keep track of all the latest Star Trek comic releases, hit the comics button on my 2015 schedule page.

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