Friday 25 May 2012

Cross Cult's Soul Key

Cross Cult have posted another new cover, this time for the DS9 novel The Soul Key. Their version, Der Seelenschlüssel, is due out next May. Looks like one of the better Cross Cult covers, and certainly an improvement on what has to be one of the least inspiring of the original US covers.


Jens said...

Yeah, this one is one of the times where the German one is really better than the original, but the Excalibur one is just abysmal (no matter which version).

BTW: They have released another cover draft an hour or so ago, this time for New Frontier: Dark Allies (Finstere Verbündete):

8of5 said...

I've come to like the Excalibur one more since I saw the inspiration (I thought it looked kind of familiar). But these other two new ones are much stronger indeed.

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