Wednesday 31 August 2011

Cover updates

Just a couple of days ago Simon and Schuster put up the first covers for several 2012 books on their online catalogue, and now they have already updated two of those covers:

The Rings of Time:

That Which Divides:

Some fo the authors have also been commenting on the new covers. Dayton Ward on (the first version) of That Which Divides:
I know it’s not the final cover is because I saw this image a couple of weeks ago, and was asked for my input. I provided feedback based on info from the actual manuscript, which the cover artist didn’t have at the time he created this interim image. He was working from some pretty basic info provided to him by my editor, and given what he had to work with, this is actually a pretty slick image. My feedback was aimed more at tweaking the image to bring it in line with the events from the manuscript this is supposed to depict, and to “juice it up” some. I’m still waiting (and excited) to see what he brings with the next go-around.
Christopher L. Bennett on Forgotten History:
Granted this is a tentative cover, but I like the continuity with the Watching the Clock cover, the reuse of the Shepherd’s Gate Clock face from the Royal Observatory at Greenwich as a design element. Having Kirk’s Enterprise fly through it is a great touch. And looming above it all, the face of James T. Kirk, the bogeyman of the DTI… it’s an excellent design, really fitting for the book.
David Mack was also keen to lavish praise on Doug Drexler for his work on the cover of Storming Heaven:
Is that sweet or what? CGI master Doug Drexler has outdone himself again, and I’m in his debt. Want to be even more impressed? I’m told this might not even be the final cover. That’s right; the final cover might be even more awesome than this.

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