Wednesday 15 June 2011

Haynes T-Shirts, wallets, greetings cards, and in German!

The Haynes Manual illustrations have found another application, this time as T-Shirt designs! Using the original cover, and some of the alternate covers (the same ones recently made available by Walls360 as print-on-demand wall graphics). Currently available seem to be the Enterprise, Communicator, and the Bridge, though sadly not the shuttlecraft version!:


It looks like the Official Star Trek Store is keen on these too, as wall graphics, posters, and greetings cards of all five designs are available there. Here's the full set of cards:

Still not had enough of those Haynes images? Well you're in luck as it appears Dynomighty have also expanded their range of Star Trek Mighty Wallets with another one based on the Haynes Manual, this time using the shuttlecraft cutaway image (rather attractively inverted giving an X-Ray sort of feel to it), and two more Gold Key comics designs as well:


Finally, it appears the Haynes Manual also has a German language edition on the way (next month) from the publisher Heel. They've given their edition a new cover, which seems to complement their cover for one of their previous Trek books, the Enterprise-D Technical Manual:

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