Thursday 7 October 2010

Haynes Manual incites has posted an interview with the editor of the Haynes Enterprise Manual. The interview talks about the development of the book, and also clarifies its contents; it includes every prime timeline ship from the NX-01 to the Enterprise-E, and does have a section for alternate timeline Enterprises, which amongst others will touch upon the new movie version, but not go into great detail.
We take each ship in turn, so starting with NX-01 and ending with NCC-1701-E, and we have a full-ship cutaway of each one, gorgeous elevation renders, plus renders of key internal locations such as the bridge, transporter room, sickbay and so on. Each ship has a comprehensive systems overview and we discuss key developments that feature in its design compared with its predecessors and successors. We cover defensive systems, deflectors, shuttles, computer systems, crew facilities – pretty much every onboard system. Sadly though, we had to draw the line somewhere, and so we don’t cover things that aren’t nailed down. So no tricorders and no personal weapons, unfortunately.
The Abrams Enterprise, as we all know, is very obviously different externally and much less is known about it internally. There are perfectly valid reasons why the creators would not want anyone to invent or extrapolate based on what has been seen in just one movie. We had to respect that. But also, it’s a different timeline and this meant we had to think very carefully about how we handled it in a book that is firmly rooted in the prime timeline. However, we have a section in the book dedicated to Parallel Universes, in which we discuss alternate realities of which this is one.
The article also included this new preview image:

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