Friday 3 September 2010

IDW reprints in Brazil

If like me you're fascinated and intrigued by the international reprints of all things Star Trek then you're in luck, as thanks to TrekWeb's Gustavo Leao (who posted an image of the most recent reprint in question on the IDW forums) I've been finding out about the Brazilian reprints (in Portuguese of course) of IDW titles coming from the publisher Devir. They're a little behind and a little slow, having started in 2008 and so far only just got to the first Alien Spotlight series. Here's what they've done so far:

Klingons: Blood Will Tell, aka Klingons: Herança de Sangue
-Published in November 2008
-Translated by Antônio C. Neto, with Portuguese lettering by Reinaldo Fraga
-If google's translations are cirrect this book included some sort of technical manual for the D7 class in addition to the comic series!

Year Four, aka Ano Quatro
-Published in May 2009
-Translated by Anthony C. Grandson

The Space Between, aka Interlúdios
-Published in July 2009
-Translated by Anthony C. Grandson, with Portuguese lettering by Reinaldo Fraga
Alien Spotlight, aka Raças Alienígenas (Alien Races)
-Published in August 2010

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