Tuesday 6 July 2010

The 8of5 Archive

I have just launched a new blog, the 8of5 Archive. My aim with this blog is to make a backup of elements from Trek websites so that the information they contain is not lost if or when the site is redesigned or taken down. And to do so in one easy to find place.

I've started with an archive page for the Intel To Boldy Go website, a tie-in for the new movie which gave specs for the Kelvin, and has already been lost. Between my own notes and a TrekMovie article I've been able to reconstruct most of the key content, though do have one or two gaps if anyone has records of the missing data.

Future archives will include Star Trek Online's Ships of the Line feature, which has also been taken down already in favour of a simpler ship listing, and the dossiers from the Star Trek movie website, which are for now still present. I'm also thinking about keeping a record of press releases and print advertisements there, but I want to get its primary function more developed before expanding, and know the latter of those two possibilities is already covered to some extent by the excellent My Star Trek Scrapbook blog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea, though it sounds like a whole lot of work without a lot of thanks. I wish you luck!

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