Monday 29 March 2010

News from Michael A. Martin

Unreality SF has posted an interview with Michael A. Martin, which extensively discusses his work on the Star Trek: Enterprise novels, and goes reasonably in depth on his new Star Trek Online novel, and forthcoming Titan book. Well worth a read, especially for any Enterprise fans.

News from the report: There will be at least one more Romulan War novel, and Martin has already put in a proposal for a second Online novel, which, if the first one sells well enough to justify a second book, will probably be structured more like a normal novel, rather than the first's series of reports format.

Martin also provided a summary for his forthcoming Titan Typhon Pact novel Seize the Fire: "[Seize the Fire] will greatly expand the idea of Gorn social castes, two of which were introduced by Kevin J. Anderson in Wildstorm’s The Gorn Crisis graphic novel nine years ago. The Gorn will suffer an ecological catastrophe that essentially wipes out the ability of the warrior caste to reproduce. The subsequent Gorn discovery of ancient terraforming technology holds the promise of reversing the aforementioned eco-disaster - and also gives the Gorn Hegemony a potent weapon capable of wiping out entire planetary ecospheres. Captain William Riker of the U.S.S. Titan will have to decide how (or whether) to intervene when the Gorn Hegemony’s need for a new warrior hatchery-world puts it on the verge of exterminating an entire civilisation."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this; I probably wouldn't have seen it otherwise. Despite being only about a third of the way into "Beneath the Raptor’s Wing", I'm already anxious for the next book, and I'm glad to see it hasn't been forgotten.

Also: here's a link to the interview, for anyone who's looking.

8of5 said...

whoops, forgot to link it!

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