Sunday 13 December 2009

Coming soon from David Mack

Unreality SF have posted an interview with David Mack regarding his latest and forthcoming publications.

The article sheds some light on his forthcoming expansion of his Mirror Universe novel The Sorrows of Empire, which will be more than twice the length of the original short novel version. "I’ve detailed at least one event from each of the 28 years spanned by the story. Marlena’s point of view is given greater examination, and I’ve worked to better integrate the characters who previously had made only cameos - in particular, Saavik and, to a lesser degree, T’Prynn from the Vanguard series." It also reveals he's already delivered a proposal for a novel to complete the story of Spock's plan. So finger's crossed the new trek editor likes it!

(You can also read an excerpt from the book on TrekMoive, here)

The article also discusses Mack's next trek outing in 2010, his new movie tie-in More Beautiful Than Death, which he provides a summary for: "The Enterprise crew is ordered to escort Ambassador Sarek to a dilithium-rich planet called Akiron, which has sent out a planetary distress signal. When the Enterprise crew reaches Akiron, they find that the planet is under siege by dark-energy creatures that some of the planet’s more religious denizens believe are demons. In short order, one calamity after another puts our heroes in jeopardy. Sarek begins trying to pull diplomatic rank so he can pull the plug on the mission, and young Captain Kirk must fend off this unexpected challenge to his still-fragile command authority.

As Kirk sinks himself, his crew, and his ship deeper into danger with each passing minute, he finds his own beliefs in a rational universe challenged by a mystic who insists it’s no coincidence that has brought Kirk to Akiron but rather the alien equivalent of a Karmic debt. Meanwhile, one of Sarek’s young Vulcan aides has a sinister agenda - and its chief objective appears to be the cold-blooded murder of Spock."

And a third Mack Trek work coming in 2010, the Typhoon Pact novel Zero Sum Game: "will be a tense, action-packed science-fiction spy thriller that focuses on the Breen Confederacy, and that it will feature Captain Ezri Dax and her crew aboard the U.S.S. Aventine, as seen in my Star Trek Destiny trilogy." Mack commented that the book will not be published under an Aventine title, and in fact "Although Captain Dax and the Aventine figure prominently in the story, I should probably drop this hint right now to nip wild speculations in the bud: they are not the stars of the story."

The article also talks a lot about the recently release Vanguard novel Precipice, and gives lots of background on all those new stories mentioned above, check it out.

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