Sunday 18 October 2009

Tiptons on DS9

Comic Book Resources have posted an interview with the Tipton brothers on their forthcoming DS9 comic book series Fool's Gold. "[Their] story is set between Seasons 3 and 4, before Worf's arrival to the station and before things start to heat up with the Dominion War. It's kind of the last point where there's breathing space before the series got really serialized in its final four seasons."

The series will feature all the regular characters, with particular emphasis on Odo and Kira as the faces of law and order on the station, and Quark's bar being a prominent location. The brothers describe the series thusly: "the station is overrun by mysterious soldiers of fortune from across the galaxy, it creates a powder keg on DS9 with a very short fuse." "It's the larger mystery that needs to be solved: why are they all on the station? What brought them here, and might there be a hidden, larger purpose?"

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