Wednesday 12 August 2009

Balance of Terror comic preview

On his forums, John Byrne has released a page from his adaptation (or Romulan P.O.V. retelling I suspect) of Balance of Terror, which will be published exclusively in the omnibus book of his Romulans saga. Here be the page:


zriza said...

Not fair that it's only going to be in the omnibus.

8of5 said...

Bit cheeky, wouldn't say unfair, just unkind.

Xavier_Storma said...

Who needs a comic for a TV episode? Gosh... *rolleyes*

8of5 said...

The same people who appreciate a comic of a movie I guess?

This one makes a bit more sense, it's inclusion allows the entire Byrne Romulans saga to work as a complete story without even having to see the episode. Plus it looks like it's from the Romulans' point of view, so should at least be different.

reversed polarities said...

I'd certainly be interesting in seeing "Balance of Terror" from the Romulan perspective, and think its a really good idea.

As for being unfair that its only available in an omnibus edition, I don't think so. Maybe cheeky as 8of5 said, but everybody knows that all IDW Trek comics get released in an omnibus sooner or later, and usually have something extra. That's why I don't waste money by purchasing the individual issues, and just get the omnibus at the end.

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