Sunday 10 August 2008

Crew details from John Byrne

The MTV Splash blog has posted a guest article by John Byrne in which he discusses how he got talked into doing Trek comics for IDW and talks a little about the development and details of next year's Crew prequel miniseries.

The Crew ideal apparently started out as a proposal for a graphic novel, which would show the shakedown cruise of the Enterprise, crewed by cadets and captained by veteran, to work out the kinks before the proper crew came along.

IDW was keener to pursue miniseries, but they and CBS liked the idea so prompted Byrne to develop it, and include some familiar faces. This lead to crew evolving into a biographical series, following the character of Number One, from Cadet on that first shakedown, through her early Starfleet career and up until she started to serve on the Enterprise under Captain April and along side a young Christopher Pike.

The article also included this page of art from (presumably the first issue of) the series:

Read full article, here. And thanks to Dan Taylor (former IDW Star Trek editor) for pointing this out on IDW's message boards.

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