Friday 30 May 2008

Alternate Realities Fan Collective

TV Shows on have reorted Paramount have annouced a new Fan Collective themed DVD collection. Titled Alternate Realities, it will be "a collection featuring bizarre and strange of episodes...see your favorite characters behaving contrary to type, in familiar but odd circumstances". The set, out in mid-September, will be five dics with twenty episodes and some special features, but that's all they know so far.

I had a vague memory of a poll on the Fan Collective sets suggesting a set like this which contained all the mirror universe episodes and a random assortment of other alternate timelines/reality episodes …and after a trip to google I found that poll - if Paramount stick with that original plan the set will include the eight mirror episodes plus a selection from the following:

The Enterprise episodes: "Shockwave", "Vanishing Point", "Twilight", "Carpenter Street", "E2" and "Storm Front". Just one TOS episode (other than "Mirror Mirror"): "The Alternative Factor". TNG episodes "Time Squared", "Remember Me", "Future Imperfect" and "Parallels". DS9’s "Visionary", "The Visitor", "Things Past", "Children of Time" and "Far Beyond the Stars". And Voyager’s "Non Sequitur", "Deadlock", "Future’s End", "Before and After", "Timeless", "Fury" and "Shattered".

Fits in rather nicely with all the mirror universe and alternate reality stuff coming out of Pocket and IDW lately.

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