Thursday 18 November 2021

Prodigy round-up: Terror Firma previews, behind the scenes art, and Dream Catcher extra content

This week has delivered the fifth episode of Prodigy, which will now be taking a break until January, so the last for the time being. Continue below to check out previews for the new episode, some cool behind the scenes art from across the series, and extra content reflecting on last week's episode.

There isn't an episode specific trailer for this week's new episode, but there is a new general trailer. This mostly features familiar shots, but does include one tantalisingly brief new scene on a Galaxy class bridge!

Eaglemoss complete Inquiry class fleet, and launch the XL USS Discovery-A

Eaglemoss: Hero Collector have this week added some new listings to their web-shops for both some variant designs from Picard, and the XL edition of the Discovery-A. Continue below to check them out.

First up, you might recall the fleet of near identical Starfleet ships seen at the end of Picard season one was in fact made up of our distinct variants, featuring a mix of two different nacelle shapes (rounder ones and more squared-off ones) with bussard collectors in two different colours (more reddish or orangey). Until now Eaglemoss had released two of different looks for the ship, the USS Zheng He(ad), as issue two of the Star Trek Universe starships collection, and the USS Toussaint, which so far has only been available to subscribers of the series(ad) as an extra for maintaining the subscription. Well now the full Inquiry class fleet can be completed, as Eaglemoss have released the final two variants as bonus models on their European web-shops (no news on a US release just yet, but hopefully they will come there).

The red square-nacelled ship is the USS Varian Fry:

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Discovery pulled from Netflix as international fans forced to wait until 2022 at the earliest to watch season 4 on Paramount+

In an infuriating last minute announcement, CBS have revealed Star Trek Discovery season 4 will not be launching on Netflix alongside the US release on Paramount+(ad) as expected, but instead will only be available in the US on Paramount+ and Canada on Bell Media services, with the rest of the world having to wait until Paramount+ launches in local markets. Past seasons of Discovery have also been pulled from Netflix with immediate effect. Here's the message to fans:

Sunday 14 November 2021

Eaglemoss starships: Discovery's 32nd century ships arrive, plus lots of other Lower Decks, TNG, DS9, and TOS ship previews, and a new Starfleet reissue series

The Eaglemoss Hero Collector shipyards are busy as every with new ships and stations on the way from almost every corner of the Trekverse. The latest previews include the first look at the first few ships from Discovery's 32nd century era, more previews of the first Lower Decks release, Eaglemoss' first Klingon starbase model, more classic TOS and TNG bonus issues, new bigger TNG shuttle models, and a Starfleet focused relaunch of the original Starships Collection! Continue below to check that all out.

So first, something Discovery fans have been waiting for, the first of the 32nd century ships from season three are finally joining the running order in the Star Trek Universe: The Official Starships Collection(ad). After mostly Picard ships in that series so far, with issue eleven we get the USS Discovery-A, complete with floating nacelles held away from the ship with little clips:

EXO-6's Voyager Doctor, and other new characters to come

EXO-6, makers of high end Star Trek action figures currently have their second Voyager character ready for pre-order, and have also recently announced more new characters on the way. Continue below to check out The Doctor, and for news of those forthcoming releases.

Voyager's EMH will join the Captain Janeway figure(ad) offered earlier in the year, and like her and EXO-6's other figures is at 1/6th scale, making him about 30cm tall. The highly articulated figure features a realistic head sculpt, and intricately tailored miniature uniform.

Thursday 11 November 2021

Prodigy round-up: Second season confirmed, behind the scenes art, Starstruck extra content and more

This week brings us the fourth episode of Prodigy, and will there doesn't seem to be a new episode specific trailer for it, there are plenty of other Prodigy updates to enjoy. Continue below for the latest behind the scenes art, extra content based on last week's episode, and more.

First up this big news is that Prodigy has been officially renewed for a second season. They've also detailed the release plans for the rest of the first season, which are not as straightforward as we might have expected, now split into three blobs of episodes:

  • The current run will only be continuing for five episodes, with next week's fifth episode being the the last to release this year. 
  • A second block of five episodes will then return from the 6th of January onwards. 
  • Another pause will follow, with the end half of the season, a further ten episodes, coming at some point later in 2022!
Which means at twenty-episodes this will be the longest season of any of the new Trek series, and going to take it's time unfolding! There's no info on the number of episodes for season two yet.

This week's new episode is Dream Catcher, and here's the blurb:
The crew has their first away mission on an undiscovered planet that manifests their deepest desires, only to realize the planet has desires of its own.

But with a lack of previews that's all I've got to share about that, so onward to behind the scenes... 

Where thanks once more to director and executive producer Ben Hibon we have a cool bit of behind the scenes imagery of the bridge set. Here's how he describes the design:

We had many ideas when we started designing our USS Protostar bridge, but three factors kept coming up; all stations should be facing forward, internal lighting should always indicate its structure, and most importantly - for our kids - it should feel like an open window into space…

Monday 8 November 2021

The Mirror War #2 comic preview, covers, and artwork

The latest issue in IDW's The Mirror War(ad) year-long comic event is available now; with issue two(ad) of the main series within the event released last week. Continue below to check out lots of covers, a five-page preview, and behind the scenes artwork.

While this story is focused mostly on TNG characters, the TNG title was dropped off before the series launched, and this issue might point to why, as it brings in Regent Worf from DS9 along with several other DS9 characters, not to mention more TNG cameos, and event a little love for Enterprise!

The book and series is written by Scott and David Tipton, with art by Gavin Smith, and colour from Charlie Kirchoff. Like the previous issue it's available in no less than four different covers! The A cover(ad) is painted by J.K. Woodward, and prominently features Worf, framed by several of the TNG crew. The B cover(ad) is by Amanda Madriaga and features Sisko and Ro. There's also a rarer retail incentive cover(ad) by Mark Alvarado and also features Ro. And on top of that there's also a really cool Worf cover by Zach Howard with colour by Nelson Dániel, which is an online exclusive - I'm not sure exclusive to where though; the similar issue-one cover was associated with a convention, so maybe we can expect similar.

Sunday 7 November 2021

Starship miniatures, concept art costumes and props from TOS, The Motion Picture and more, all up for auction

In the coming hours and days two different auctioneers are offering up quite a variety of interesting props, costumes, starship miniatures, artwork and more from across numerous Star Trek TV and film productions, including a lot of items from TOS and The Motion Picture, and more spanning right up to Into Darkness. Continue below to check out some of the highlights.

The most notable item is probably the iconic TOS phaser rifle from Where No Man Has Gone Before, which is coming up for sale later today from Hertitage Auctions in their Hollywood and Entertainment Signature Auction. This large one-of-a-kind prop remains in remarkable condition 55 years on from its creation.

Prodigy round-up: A close look at the USS Protostar, concept art, character images, behind the scenes, trailer, movie-potential, and first episode for free

Prodigy it into it's third episode this week - Though it feels more like the second after the extended two-part start to the series, which you can, for a while, watch for free (more on that below).  Paramount+(ad) have of course been enthusiastically promoting the series, both looking ahead, and reflecting back on the first episodes. Plus several of the production team have shared some really cool behind the scenes artwork. Continue below to check out all the latest from the series.

First up, director and executive producer Ben Hibon shared some great images of the USS Protostar, giving us a chance to really examine the shaping and details of this shiny new starship design. In his tweets he credited designer John Eaves for the "early ideation", the final design to himself and the Nuen Studio team, and the textures to look development designer Nikie Monteleone.

Thursday 28 October 2021

Prodigy launch previews

Star Trek Prodigy, the new animated series aimed at younger viewers, has begun! At least for viewers in the US, Canada, and parts of the world where Paramount+(ad) has so far launched. The series will also air on Nickelodeon at a later date, and hopefully find its way to other parts of the world too. Whether you can watch it yet or not, Paramount+ have released several clips and promos to wet our appetites. So get a taste below:

First up here are the clips from the first episode, Lost and Found. This first one highlights the magic of the universal translator:

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